The UDG Energy Team consists of a Polish branch and a Dutch branch, which work closely together to realise the Polish pilot project in Szczecin as well as other future projects.

The Polish branch consists of a team of experienced geothermal and drilling experts, with an excellent track record.
The names and background of the Polish technical team are available only upon serious professional request and following a personal conversation.

The Dutch branch is responsible for the commercial and financial side of the business, including emissions reduction as well as emission rights.

Frans M.J. van Rijn

Managing director

After his master law degree, Frans worked many years as international tax lawyer. He started a corporate trust office in 1998. Through mergers and cooperation was founded in 2006 and as co-founder and board member Frans actively enabled the worldwide expansion of Vistra.
In 2012 Frans sold his shares Vistra to concentrate on his private equity business.

Frans has been involved with UDG Energy as from 2015. With his involvement Frans wants to contribute actively to a better living environment for following generations.


Tel: +31 653 476930

Joop H.J.Boesjes

Technical director

Joop is technically schooled in and familiar with many aspects of Directional Drilling in deep earth layers resulting from his extensive 17 years working experience on North Sea drilling platforms as Drilling Material Coordinator. From 2010
Joop focused on emission reduction and emission certification and CO2 neutral storage of energy.
Joop has held many advisory positions in the field of emission reduction and emission certification and knows what is going on in the energy market.
Joop is convinced that the UDG Energy technique is a MUST and the best emission reduction tool in order to reach our worldwide climate targets.


Tel: +31 654 285999