How we do it?

Availing ourselves of the latest state-of-the-art technology, we drill down to a maximum depth of 10km, into stable hot-rock formations in the Earth’s crust, where temperatures can reach approximately 350°C. Along the entire length of the drilling hole, a casing pipe is placed that is cemented to the outside of the drilling hole, sealing it completely. A second, double-walled return-pipe is then introduced into the casing pipe all the way down, thus creating a closed system that allows for a special thermal fluid to circulate down to the Earth’s hot layers. 

The heated thermal fluid returns to the surface, transferring approximately 310°C through heat exchangers.
By means of a second closed system, this heat enables powerful steam generators to produce CO2–neutral (green) electricity. Once cooled off, the thermal fluid recirculates to the Earth’s deep layers for a new cycle. In this way, the Earth’s heat is exchanged continuously, resulting in a 24/7/365 production of safe, reliable and sustainable green energy, which we have named UDG or Ultra-Deep Geothermal Energy.