Climate earth

Life on Earth as we currently know it is seriously endangered by the behaviour of mankind. The production of large-scale sustainable, green and safe energy has become
a MUST. The sooner we take real action, the better and UDG Energy offers a real solution for the long term.

Current solutions as well as political choices, such as solar and wind energy, are a good starting point for producing green energy. However, they depend on weather conditions and do not generate green energy in a stable and reliable manner. They tend to produce so-called peaks when it’s not necessary or less necessary, which leads to energy prices that may even be negative. Then again, there are peaks at times when prices are high. Furthermore, storage of large quantities of energy is currently not yet available. The above-mentioned fluctuations are disruptive and undesirable for energy networks and have resulted in volatile market prices for green energy,
which should be avoided.

In addition, we also must take into account the fact that solar and wind energy facilities will have to be disposed of at the end of their life cycle, in about 10-15 years, generating large quantities of waste, which is also undesirable. A UDG power installation, on the other hand, can be implemented in the short term, has a very long economic lifespan, is compact and does not generate any waste or distort the view.

What are the costs of building an UDG power installation?

It all depends on the precise location of the power plant. The most important cost factor is the drilling and building of underground installations. We obtain or “harvest” underground heat from stable, deep stable rock formations at a temperature of 350°C and by the time it reaches the surface, it retains a temperature of 310°C. 

These rock formations can be found in many places throughout the world, usually at a depth of approximately 10,000m. However, there are places where they can already be found closer to the surface, i.e. at a depth of 5,000m. Each meter that we do not have to drill down is tantamount to a reduction in construction costs. It is, therefore, very important to conduct a thorough study of the precise structure of underground layers at the desired location. 

Only once the results of the study are known, can the exact price for the construction of a particular UDG power plant be calculated and quoted. 



On average, costprice per kWh is € 0,04
with a minimum capacity of 25 MWe.
For commercial power installations with a capacity below 25 MWe, construction costs for a UDG power plant would be higher due to the multiple production tube system and it would therefore be sensible to look for other smaller-scale solutions, such as the Chinese Doublet+ solution.

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